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Electric Car Charging

Delivering value today to transform the future

Discover the charging Innovation with EVC North.


Never worry about your EV charging 

Making EV users and infrastructure owners never worry about the charging service by providing a smart, safe, innovated, sustainable EV charging solution with our partners.

Vehicle Charging Stations


We Deliver Exceptional Solutions and Services Around Canada

EV Charging Residential Solution

  • 9.6kw or 12KW AC chargers

  • CSA Certificated

  • WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, Ethernet connection

  • Option: No screen, Text LED, Touch screen LCD.

  • App, RFID Card, Plug and play 

  • Wall mount or Pedestal mount

  • 3 Years Warranty

Electric Car Charging Station
Electric Car Charger

EV Charging Commercial Solution

  • 12KW Leve 2 AC charger,

  • Or 60kw-240KW DC Fast charger

  • Or 360Kw-480 KW DC Super charger

  • UL certification

  • LCD touch screen

  • 4G, WIFI, Ethernet

  • APP, RFID Card payment

  • Cloud back management system

  • Professional Engineering, installation and maintenance team

  • 1 Year warranty with optional extended warranty

EV Charging Value Added Solution

  • Remote techinical support 24x7

  • Extended Warranty Service.

  • Charging station safty solution

  • High visibility Signage solution

  • Incentive application 

  • Charging staiton network operation 

Electric Car Charger
Electric Car


A different charging experience with technology innovation.

- Charging Innovation.

 Never worry about your vehicle; EVC North bring you supreme experience with safe, smart charging, battery testing, balanced load.

- Anywhere, Any solution.

 No matter you stay in your home or workplace, commercial place, or Highway, we get you covered.

- More than EV charging

 We know you want to be outstanding, and we offer you customised features, security solutions, and high-visibility signage solutions to make the charging station safe and easy to find.


- Professional Service

 EVC North team has more than 20 years of professional experience; we make the things right the first time



EVC North is working with strategic partners to make EV users and EV charging station owners not worry; we target to build up a healthy and capable ECO system to serve our customers an exceptional experience.


Security soluton partner


High visibility signage solution

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