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Residental solution Ideal for


Solution highlight

AC level 2 charger is ideal for the residential solution, EVC North provides from 7.2KW to 12KW, 9 Different options for you, you always can find the best charger fit for you


EVC North charger pricing starts from $795, affordable pricing with high quality

Easy to install

AC charger don't need complex site preparation,only need regular 220V/208V

Worry Free

Use App to get all the information you need, 

3 Years warranty

Dynamic  plans


You owned 

You can own your own charging station, just pay the electric cost.


Property management owned

Your Apartment or condo management owns equipments, you just need to pay the reasonable charging service fee.

you can introduce EVC North to them and let us handle the rest.


EVC North partner owned

You will pay for the reasonable  charging service fee, while property management share in the revenue by authorizing EVC North to partner and build the charging station solution.

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