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Electric Charging Station

5 Reasons why you need EV charging business


Great return on investment

you may be able to get the investment back in 15 Months*

Attract more traffic

Traffice increased 10-30 %*

Increase shopping time

Traffic increased 30-50 %*


Goverment Incentive

Get refund up to 50 %*

Attract more talented employee

Get 10-15 % more opportunities for potential candidates*

* The data based on estimation only, the real data maybe various denpend on real situation

Commercial solution ideal for

LEVEL 2.png

AC Level 2 charger
Fully charge in 7-10 hours*

  • Apartment or Condo

  • Restaurant

  • Shopping mall

  • work place

  • On street

  • Auto dealer

DCFC 2.png

DC Fast charger
Fully charge in 1-2 hours*

  • Commercial fleet

  • Rental car company

  • Apartment or Condo

  • Auto dealer

  • Hotel

  • Shopping mall

  • Gas station

  • High way


DC Super charger
Fully charge in 15-30 Mins*

  • Gas staiton

  • High way

  • Commercial fleet

Flexible business model

By committed to the EV charging industry, EVC North develop Four business models for all businesses to participate in EV charging service, where any time covert your place to EV charging destination

To start your project with 6 steps

The first time to start your EV charging project is kind of confusing, No worries, we got you fully covered, just follow the below steps, then you will start your new journey with the EV charging business.


Step 1:
Book a free consultation

We know you have many questions to ask, that's why we provide you with a free consultation service. we will walk through your location with you, listen to your ideas, and discuss with you several options to choose from.

Choose the right EV charger for you:   

AC level 2 charger 7.2KW-12 KW: Estimate Fully charge in 7-10 Hours.

Ideal for:  Apartment, workplace, restaurant, shopping center, retail store, etc.


DC FAST charger 60KW-240 KW: Estimate Fully charge in 1-3 Hours. 

Ideal for: Highway, gas station, commercial fleet, commercial, Auto dealer, large apartment, car rental company.

DC SUPER charger 360KW-480 KW: Estimate Fully charge in 0.25-0.5 Hours.

Idea for: Highway, gas station, commercial fleet 

Choose the business model for you
Business model analysis:  own or revenue share​

Payment mode proposal:  App pay, credit card payments, RFID card pay.

Management software:  Payment, integration with your own system, E-roaming.

Connection mode proposal:  Wifi, Ethernet cable, 4G LTE

Additional services proposal...


Step 2:
Get a proposal and sign the contract

site survey.png

EVC North professional team or partner team will give you a detailed site survey for future engineering drawing 

Then we will start to prepare your documentation, including:

  • Engineering Drawing

  • Application to utility company upgrade the electric system

  • Construction Permit application 

  • Government granting application

Step 3:
Site Survey and Documentation preparation

EVC North's professional team will do the project management, installation, and commissioning for you. 

EVC North also partner with other professional company to provide alarm and security solution, high visibility signage solution, multiple site networking solution, etc value-added service


Step 5:
Installation & Commissioning


Step 6:
Enjoying your EV Charing Business 

24x7  Technical support

Remote diagnosis and maintenance

Onsite inspection

Preventional maintenance

Spare and parts managment

Extended warranty 

Remote software upgrade

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