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About Us

EVC North is proudly Canadian with its headquarters located in Manitoba.  Our team consists of industry experts and provide complete turnkey EV Charging solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients of all tiers.  Our services include preliminary design, engineering, supply, installation and technical support.



Our Vision

Never worry about your EV charging ver worry about your EV charging 

Here are the key points we understand "No Worries"

  • Full and customized solution: Solution based on application scenario.

  • Service anytime: Service based on benefit sharing eco system.

  • High Efficiency: Site planning based on traffic

  • Customized software: Operation software based on big data user behavior.

  • low cost:  based on electric wholesale pricing solution.

Image by Michael Fousert

Our Story

EVC NORTH was founded on 2022, However EVC North team start the marker reaserch from 2020,  EVC Technology team is widely work with different partners to integrate total solution for the different needs of Canadian customers;

by now, EVC North team able to provide from 7.2KW to 480KW charger solution, among all the products, AC level 2 Charger has got CSA certification on May 2022.  DC Fast Charger has TUV certification ready, and expected get UL and CSA certification in June 2022.  DC Supercharger target UL and  CSA end of 2022. 

EVC North not only work with EV charging supplier, but also work with other parners on security and alarm solution, Signage solution, Payment solution and managment software solutions.

Our Team

Our management team at EVC North has a combined 80 plus years of experience in the electric and EV industry both local and global.  Plus, we have a wide connection with Canadian commercial customers and deep understanding of Canadian market

Willng to be our partners?


  • Competitive pricing

  • Fast delivery

  • High quanlity product

  • 24x7 Tech support

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